Our mission is simple. To empower financial peace of mind through technology and customized advice.

You invest for a reason. You may be planning for your retirement, or investing for a child’s education, or a home – or something else altogether. Every goal requires its own plan and strategy. TFO Now is designed to help you do just that. With innovative technology backed by a team of experienced professionals, TFO Now is built to align your wealth and goals.

Automated Rebalancing
Utilizing technology that monitors and rebalances your investments to help keep you diversified and on track.


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Tax Efficiency
If an investment declines in value, automatic tax-loss harvesting can help you offset the taxes on investment gains.


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A Range of Accounts Available
Including brokerage, IRA, custodial and trust accounts.


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We Make Investing Easier

Our investing experience is built on three key components:


    You complete a short questionnaire based on your goals, risk tolerance, and timeline


    We build you a diversified portfolio of mutual funds.


    We monitor your portfolio daily, and automatically rebalance it when needed


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Financial Planning Tools to Help Keep Your Investments On Track Towards Your Goals

Our advisers use the resources from TFO Now and our foundational planning system to show you in real-time how you can invest for retirement, save for a vacation, or work to build long-term wealth striving to help you turn your financial goals into a reality.

Access to a Carefully Constructed, Globally Diversified Portfolio

TFO Now utilizes investment strategies predicated on research aiming to capture small, value, and equity premiums which evidence supports exist over the long term and uses technology to rebalance and monitor your portfolio. Together, we can strive to help you get closer to reaching your long-term goals.

Equity ETFs & Mutual Funds

Your portfolio may include Equity ETFs and Mutual Funds representing the broad U.S., international developed, and emerging stock markets. You will be invested in thousands of companies by owning just a few Equity ETFs and Mutual Funds. The amount of stock exposure in your portfolio will be determined by the portfolio allocation determined by you and your adviser. Your Equity ETFs and Mutual Funds include the following asset classes:

U.S. Market Equity
U.S. Market Equity contains broad exposure to the U.S. stock market.
U.S. Small Cap Value Stocks
U.S. Small Cap Value Stocks contains diversified exposure to small-capitalization value stocks in the U.S. stock market.
International Market Equity
International Market Equity contains exposure to a diversified group of stocks of large, mid, and small cap companies located in non-US developed markets such as Canada and the major markets of Europe and the Pacific region.
International Emerging Markets Stocks
International Emerging Markets Stocks contains exposure to a broad range of large, mid, and small-cap companies domiciled in emerging markets such as China, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, and South Africa, among others.
Bond ETFs & Mutual Funds

Your portfolio may include ETFs and Mutual Funds that provide access to high credit quality U.S. or U.S. municipal bonds depending on the type of account you open and your tax needs. The amount of bond exposure in your portfolio will be determined by the portfolio allocation determined by you and your adviser. Your bond ETFs and Mutual Funds include the following asset classes:

U.S. Investment Grade Intermediate Bonds
U.S. Investment Grade Intermediate Bonds contains broad exposure to high credit quality US bonds with intermediate-term average maturities.
U.S. Investment Grade Short Term Bonds
U.S. Investment Grade Short Term Bonds contains broad exposure to high credit quality US bonds with short-term average maturities.

Still Not Sure?

If you want to dig a little deeper before making a decision, we understand. Take a look into the thinking behind our approach.

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

You can open a TFO Now account with a minimum of $5,000.

What do I do when I need professional advice?

You can contact your TFO Now adviser by phone at 419.891.9999, or email us at tfonow@tfowealth.com and your adviser will respond during the next 24 business hours (when emailing TFO Now).

What is rebalancing?  

Every portfolio has a target asset allocation that has been determined with your adviser. Over time, however, contributions/withdrawals, gains, and losses cause your portfolio to stray from the original target, and it can become unbalanced. Rebalancing is the act of periodically buying or selling assets to restore your portfolio to its target allocations. TFO Now portfolios rebalance automatically, with no transaction costs, thanks to an algorithm that adjusts your account when an asset class shifts a certain amount above or below the target range set with your adviser.

Is my TFO Now account secure?

Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. will be the custodian for your account to help protect your assets and online information. During enrollment, you’ll be asked to open an account with Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. Simply follow the instructions to complete the account open process, and if you’re already a Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. client you can use your existing account credentials to complete enrollment even faster.

Have more questions?
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